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Taking control of your finances is tough. Most financial advice starts with creating a detailed budget… well, if you were the kind of person who would enjoy and stick to a budget, you would already have one.

This site is your go-to source for personal finance inspiration. Check out the blog for new personal finance topics, published regularly.

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Managing Cash

All too often, daily life for too many of us includes receiving a paycheck, feeling flush with cash for a few days, paying bills, buying necessities, maybe a few personal luxuries, and then that awful feeling of not being sure if we will be able to make it to the next paycheck before the checking account drops to zero.

This book will teach you how to break the cycle, learn how to separate your income from your spending and treat your personal finances like a small business.

Managing Credit

At some point, maybe a bit down the road, you are going to get paid for having money. But it is likely that right now, you are on the other end: you are paying someone else for access to their money.

When you borrow, the cost of using someone else’s money will be dramatically more if you have bad credit. So, before we start talking about how to get paid for the money you have, we need to discuss how to minimize the cost of the money you buy.

The book includes a step-by-step approach to building your credit file, fixing problems, and actively managing your credit score.

Managing Investments

When the time comes to start getting paid for having money, build a strategy that works in good and bad times.

Investing is not gambling. You are not betting against the house or against your neighbor at the poker table. You are strategically lending money or buying ownership shares in companies and they are paying you for access to your money.

Learn the full strategy, see model portfolios, learn how to manufacture shares through rebalancing, and how to manage dividends. All this and more is in the book.

Managing Risk

If you are no longer living paycheck-to-paycheck, then you have built some savings.

If you have a rock-star FICO, then you have built a stellar credit file.

If you are getting paid for having money, then you have built a portfolio.

Now that you have those things, it would be a huge tragedy if some event happened, through no fault of your own, and wiped out all your hard work.

In this book you will learn about the three types of insurance you should have and how to decide how much to get.

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