Money coaching will help you improve your relationship with money and develop healthy behaviors that happen automatically.

What is a Money Coach?

A Money Coach is a teacher that helps you learn new habits with money.

  • Discuss your current situation.
  • Identify current challenges.
  • Identify money goals.
  • Create a specific plan.
  • Inspire new money habits.

A Money Coach is not a salesman.

  • I don’t sell investments.
  • I don’t sell insurance.
  • I don’t sell anything… except advice & inspiration.

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Money Coaching with Me

As your money coach, I will work with you to assess your current situation and develop a plan to change your relationship with money. I can help you eliminate debt, develop saving habits, help you get in sync with your spouse, or whatever else you need.

Money Coaching with me is divided into three areas:

Building a Foundation

To start, you have to build your financial house on a strong foundation. We will create habits to build the Four Pillars of Personal Finance: Spend less than you make, have emergency savings, have diverse investments, and rebalance.

Building a Routine

Great financial habits need to be automatic. We will build a routine for your money that will automatically improve your financial situation as time passes.

Building a Legacy

As time goes by you will make progress. We will make a plan for when you move beyond basic money needs and dream bigger.

How it Works

New money habits take time and commitment to develop.

Money Coaching with me includes one hour-long session per month for three months. Due to COVID19, these sessions are currently only available by phone or video call. I am a Boise, Idaho based Money Coach, but with all this cool technology, I can help you, wherever you live.

Before we meet the first time, I’ll let you know what you need to bring to be successful.

In each session, we’ll discuss your current situation and the challenges you want to address. At the end of each session, you will have a concrete action plan. It is up to you to execute the plan.


Money Coaching is $200 for 3 sessions if paid in advance. Or, you can book each session separately for $75 each. (yes… this is your first test in money-management)


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