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My name is Jay Rigler and I am a Money Coach, financial literacy advocate, economist, author, and I have been giving financial advice for nearly 20 years. I created Practically Independent as a resource for people to learn how to master their own money.

This site is full of information to help you take control of your finances. Check out articles on how to manage cash, credit, and investments.

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The content in Practically Independent is divided into three primary categories: Managing Cash, Managing Credit, and Managing Investments:

Managing Cash

Managing Cash

Take control of your cash flow. Break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

Manage your cash like a small business. Learn all of my cash management tips here.

Managing Credit

Managing Credit

When you borrow, the cost of using someone else’s money will be dramatically more if you have bad credit. So, before we start talking about how to get paid for the money you have, we need to discuss how to minimize the cost of the money you buy.

Managing Investments

Managing Investments

Investing is not gambling. You are not betting against the house or against your neighbor at the poker table. You are strategically lending money or buying ownership shares in companies and they are paying you for access to your money.


Practically Independent Book in Paperback, on iPhone, and on iPad

Practically Independent: Practical Advice to Become Financially Independent is a no-nonsense guide to help you take control of your finances.

The book outlines the strategy I have used to escape living paycheck-to-paycheck, lower the cost of my debt, get paid for having money, and protect what I have built.